Club set for DVS pitch talks

Last updated : 06 March 2009 By Bigrich.....
The Millers share the athletics stadium with Paramore Sports FC and Sheffield Eagles RLFC.

After the third postponement of the season on Tuesday night against Morecambe, The Millers' chief operating officer Paul Douglas told the Adveritser: "For obvious reasons, the pitch at Don Valley does not get the loving care that a professional football pitch or the one at Millmoor got.

"Because it hosts other team sports, we don't get the time on it that we would like. I spoke to the stadium people earlier this week and they've agreed to meet us this weekend to see how we can work with them better and get a more cohesive plan together so our ground staff and theirs are not duplicating work or undoing work already done.

"We will have more time on the pitch this summer and that will be beneficial. The people at Don Valley have agreed to work with us on that.

"With their continued co-operation, we are confident things will be improved."