Chris would love hometown concert

Last updated : 24 August 2012 By Bigrich.....

Chris was a Miller long before he found fame with the indie rock band, and speaking exclusively to the Advertiser this week he said: “I would absolutely love to play here.

“I think the hard thing would be convincing the two guys in the band who aren’t from Rotherham and who both don’t really like football. It would be absolutely perfect for gigs and it wouldn’t be out of the ques��on at all.

“It’s certainly big enough and I think that is what Tony Stewart has done so well. He has not just thought about the football but the other stuff and that you can have other things happening at the stadium. It is not just a football stadium, it’s a proper venue.

“The atmosphere is great for a match and it would be the same for a show. The noise just resonates. After four years at Don Valley, you get used to the quietness but Saturday felt like being at a Premier League game. It just goes to show the difference having that crowd makes. I went to probably 15 games at Don Valley and you might as well have played a training match, but this is so di��erent.

“I said to my uncle in the second half: ‘Have you ever heard a Rotherham crowd this loud?’ He said: ‘ I don’t think I have.’ It was very emotional.”