Calm Warne reflects on Imp's deteat

Last updated : 11 August 2019 By Millersmad

Warne reflected back on the defeat after speaking to the players in the dressing room.

"I just spoke to the players like men and said 'You know, that isn't enough to win a football game', "I wasn't ranting and raving. That's pointless. I asked them to have a look and tell me what they think. I told them what I thought about certain things."

"The second-half display wasn't great," he said. "We didn't make their keeper work hard enough. I wasn't over the moon with the performance. We didn't do enough to warrant a draw."

"The lads are so keen to do well for this club that I think they got a little bit overawed with emotion and it affected the way they played, Lincoln, and I don't blame them for doing this, slowed the game down to its death and it frustrated our players.​ When we got on the ball we weren't as cool on it as I would have liked.

"The player whose man it was for the second goal, he reckons he got blocked. The first goal was a block as well. I'm not saying it was a foul, it was a good block. I could see it. I was screaming at the time because Dan Barlaser was on the edge of the box. Crooksy was off the pitch at the time. Bostwick moved Dan out of the way and they ran into that channel. It was a good ball in. Unfortunately, Shaun has gone with his wrong foot and it's gone in our goal. Up to then, I thought we'd looked pretty promising. I don't think we played as well in the second half as we did in the first."

The Millers played a 4-3-3 formation, with much debate on social media channels after the game, Warne gave his reasons; "I've got no wingers so my systems are limited, quite obviously, I understand the expectations on us. But we have players who have played together for only three or four games. Whatever system we play, it's going to take a little bit of time to gel. Matt Olosunde had played only one league game before this match. It's not as if we've got the experienced team of last year.

"If we have to look at other systems then we will. At the moment, I think this is the best way to get our best players on the pitch. We didn't score. We didn't do enough on the ball in the second half and that is disappointing."

"It's not about systems whether you win a header in your box or their box, That's got nothing to do with tactics. That's just an endeavour thing. If you don't run past someone, if you don't win the second balls, that's not a tactics things.

"It's a good opportunity after a game to chat. I wasn't emotional, although the gorilla in my head was going crazy. We are going to have games at home where teams come to frustrate us. If the opposition get a goal, you have to have the character and the leaders to still get on the ball, move the ball, get it wide and get crosses in. Today we didn't do that. The effort was there but the confidence wasn't, possibly.