Brogan making progress - Circuit

Last updated : 19 February 2008 By Deano
Following his operation and developing compartment syndrome, the teenage left sided player is in the best of spirits.

Circuit esplained: "Stephen is improving and making good progress. There has never been a problem with the fracture and the operation he had went well but he developed a condition that is not uncommon called compartment syndrome.

"When you have this sort of fracture you can get quite a lot of pressure build up, which normally happens within 24 hours, but in Stephen's case it happened after almost four days. He had to go back into theatre and an incision was made to release the pressure, but the wound has to be left open so yesterday morning he had to go back to have half of the wound stitched together.

"The plan from here is that he will go and have the rest of the wound stitched together on Thursday morning and we are hoping then he will be allowed home.

"The leg has not been compromised by this side effect and the surgeon is more than happy with it, and once we get back in Rotherham we will follow things up from there and get Stephen on the road to recovery."
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