Broadfoot wont be rushed

Last updated : 02 April 2017 By Millersmad

Speaking to the clubs MillersPlayer service, Paul Warne gave an update on defender Kirk Broadfoot's injury.

The big man has been out since January after a reoccurance of a back injury leading to surgery.

"If you ask the physio's they would probably say unlikely but if you are asking me, the Caretaker Manager, I'd probably say I think there's a good chance because I know what Broady's like." Warne told the clubs official site.

"He's running on the grass now and I just left him in the gym and asked when he's going to join in training. He said he'll start passing the ball probably next week and then start joining in training the week after."

"The initial plan wasn't to get him back for a game although if we needed him to stay up then there might be more of a rush but we won't put his body through any unnecessary punishment. Next season is his major concern but if we could get him back for the end of the season then I'd be cock-a-hoop." Warne added.

"He's progressing well and training hard and while he's moaning I know he's happy."