Boss thanks fans.

Last updated : 02 August 2017 By Millersmad

“We have sold out away from home for the first game which is fantastic from the fans, I know that lots of fans have spoken to the players in and around the town, wishing them all the best. Everyone is in a positive mood, and I think that having the likes of Richie, Polly and Breck around, plus the new staff, it feels like a fresh new club this year. The support from the fans has been great.” Warne said.

“I read Kieffer's article the other day, and he said just how good the fans have been with him, and that really helps the new players settle in, I am trying to build this One Club, One Community, One Town mentality, and it feels like everyone is pushing for us to do really well which is great."

“It feels like everyone is behind us. It is creating a really good feel-good factor which will be crucial. We won't be judged by this one game at the weekend but we want to start the season well, and the fans are a major factor in that."

“I know the fans will get behind the team and I know if the players give you 100% that you will be proud of them. Win, lose or draw - we are in it together.” he added.