Blame me for relegation - Warney

Last updated : 02 April 2017 By Millersmad

“There’s a little bit of embarrassment. I took the reins a few months ago and I haven’t been good enough to get the results to keep us up and that is on my head, The performances have been okay at times but we haven’t got that strength in depth. But that’s my fault, it’s not anyone else’s. I don’t think anyone thought before today that we would stay up, we weren’t going to win eight on the spin. So to have relegated next to our name isn’t too much of a shock." Warne told the Yorkshire Post.

“Other people have inherited similar situations and done better, I am the one who takes it home and doesn’t sleep. I take that blame. In my eyes I have done the best that I could but other people might disagree.”

“We have lost a significant amount of games and I have to pick the lads up. If I was given the honour of doing it, I don’t think I could turn it down. There is part of me that thinks it’s a little bit in the stars that I would be a manager at this great club. I do think that. I know people will be reading this and thinking: ‘Oh my god, not Warney.’ I am not trying to sell myself, but I give everything I can."

“The chairman doesn’t want to see his team lose every week, nor do I. No-one takes it harder than me.”

“I don’t mind the ambiguity of the situation because if I wake up tomorrow and it is definitely for me I can have that conversation and if I wake up tomorrow and it is definitely not for me I can also have that conversation, I feel like if this was going to be my only managerial stint, I feel like I have been dealt a tricky hand. But I have still been honoured to do it. It has been a privilege.” he added