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Barker was sent off during Monday's game against Tranmere, and was given a 2 match ban because he had already been sent off earlier in the season.

However. Barkers initial Red Card was eventually rescinded, so Millers fan John Hardy sent this mail to the FA.

"On Monday 2nd January 2006 Rotherham United had Shaun Barker sent off (wrongly in my opinion, but as a Rotherham fan you get used to referee's ruining our games unfairly, Trevor Kettle at Barnsley being a good example).

However I have accepted referees make mistakes and am delighted when they have the bravery to admit they have afterwards. This happened when Rotherham had the same player, Shaun Barker sent off away to Port Vale on Saturday 3rd September 2005, the referee reviewed video evidence and the red card was rescinded. Although we had a referee unfairly ruin yet another game for us at least we wouldn't wrongly lose arguably our best player for a future match.

However, I have just read today that he will be suspended for two games instead of one because of his rescinded red card at Port Vale. This makes NO SENSE whatsoever to me! Can you please explain to me why we will lose in my opinion our best player for an extra game for something the referee later decided he didn’t do?

Unexpected Boost
Today the FA responded and reduced Barkers suspension to just 1 game, news which will boost Alan Knill's attempt to keep the Millers in League 1.

The FA's reply to John was,
"With regard to players who have their red cards rescinded, the situation is that UEFA insist that we should not rescind ANY red card, however we do allow clubs to lodge “claims of wrongful dismissal”. The Referee is not allowed to re-consider his decision, it is put before a disciplinary commission who make the decision, the Referee is not involved in the decision making process.

If a player has a red card rescinded the punishment is removed, but the offence stays on his record although any further sending off is considered to be his first sending off.

I have checked our records and it appears a form was generated showing it as his second sending off and therefore automatically giving him an extra 1 match ban, which is incorrect. The club have been contacted and made aware of this error and our records have been amended accordingly

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention, it seems the club signed and accepted the form as a 2 match ban (!), well done for spotting it.

I hope this reply is of help to you, and best wishes to your team for the rest of the Season.,

Jill Roberts

Disciplinary Department
The Football Association "

So which dollshead signed off the form without checking it out?? Surely it should'nt have to come down to a fan to challenge the FA?

Anyway, Thanks John!!!!