2005 Buy A Brick - Update

Last updated : 16 August 2012 By Bigrich.....

Over a thousand people originally bought a brick back in 2005, last weekend saw 6 members of Millers Trust update the database with around 800 peoples details who responded to the call to verify thier details in March.

At present the Trust are trying to contact the remaining 250 or so people to verify thier details before plans can be made for the plaque.

We appreciate that some have moved and despite attempts to find them and some people have been uncontactable.. We have to call time on this process and the trust will have to use thier original message from 2005, or in the case where the person has not entered any message on the brick, we will just put thier name.

Therefore, this is a final plea for people who have not updated thier details to please do so, and for people to basically spread the word and ask thier friends if they bought a brick to contact us if they have not updated thier details.

Millers Trust can be contacted via the website www.millerstrust.co.uk or by email brick@rufctrust.co.uk  Final date for updates is 3rd Sep 2012.