MillersMAD's Caption Competition is BACK!

Last updated : 21 August 2008 By Deano
Ok folks, it's back, after a long awaited absence. Please accept our humble apologies, just what have you done without us.

Anyhow, without further ado, MillersMAD are pleased to announce the return of our premier attraction, the attraction that keeps Mexmillerno1 thinking he's funny, Foo away from the washing up, Clar away from the late shift and Robinslovechild away from....yeah, it's the caption competition!

Those of you new to the forum in the past six months won't have a clue what we're talking about, so below we've outlined our rules and regs amidst another edition of a witty write up.

Scoring system

Points are devised each week from a caption posted by ourselves on a thread on the messageboard, its simple - you get one entry per picture per week, and the points are scored as follows:

The top score will get 15 points. The second best will get 10, third 8, fourth 6, fifth 4 and sixth 2. All other entries will receive one point.

The bonuses: Doubler and Halver

Eash competitor will get three "Doublers". These can be used at any point in the competition (apart from the last round) and they will double their points for that round. It must be stated alongside the caption that the "Doubler" option is to be used and cannot be decided upon after judging.

In addition, each user will have one "halver" where they can nominate one competitor from that round to have their score halved for the round. This is also not valid in the last round. The intention to use the "halver" must also be stated alongside the caption and cannot be used in conjunction with a doubler. No matter how many people nominate a person for a "halver" in round one, their score will only be halved once.

The format in full: TAKE NOTICE!

The competition will run from W/C 31st August 08 until W/C 4th May 09. There will be a Christmas break of two weeks.

A photo will be placed on the messageboard at the beginning of each week. Users will have until the following Sunday night to place a caption to the picture in the relevant thread.

Users are asked not to add posts to the thread that do not contain a caption.

It is one caption per person and each one will be judged by a panel of FOUR. The panel will consist of two MillersMAD users and the MillersMAD editors, Deano and Bigrich. The names of the two non-staff will remain a secret ;-).

The entries will be scored in the manner described above. The scores will be published at the beginning of each week before a new round is launched.

At the end of the competition the top three users who have amassed the most points over the course of the competition will receive a prize, to be announced at a later date.

Just a few words on the content on the captions. Captions can contain smut and adult humour but any caption that is blatantly copied or a slight variation of anyone else's who have already posted will become void! All captions are subject to censorship should the judges feel they are inappropriate or offensive.

Judges stress that the constant use of any themes (e.g YMCA, Strictly Come Dancing) could result in lower scores as is the case with longer entries.

MillersMAD take accusations of cheating and corruptness very seriously and anyone making such accusations against the judging panel may find their future scores affected.

Disclaimer: Millersmad reserves the right to be late with the publication of results and also has the ability to end the competition at any time without notice and without the obligation of handing out prizes.

Good luck!!

P.S we need two volunteers to do the scoring or this baby won't be re-born! EMAIL US if you fancy doing the honours...
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